Our Day-Trip to Hardenburg Castle!

Together with Lichtenburg Castle, Hardenburg Castle is one of the largest castle ruins in the province. The buildings are terraced up a mountain spur, dominating a narrow defile in the Isenach valley, just before it opens out into the Rhine valley. The history of the castle is very closely linked with that of the Counts of Leiningen to whome it belonged from the time of its foundation down to the French Revolution. Originally sub-counts under the Salic emperors, the Leiningens inherited the guardian bailick over the neighbouring Benedictine monastery of Limburg from them in 1205. Without any delay, they began to build the castle within the monastery's teritory and on its property causing it to protest against the move. But finally the monastery had to give way and relinquished all claim to the building in 1249. From 1317 on, Hardenburg Castle was the seat of the younger line of the family of counts, namely the Counts of Leiningen-Hardenburg. It was only abandoned in favour of the Baroque town palace in Bad Durkheim in 1725, but continued to be inhabited. Destruction was not until 1794 by French revolutionary troops.

In order to get to Castle Hardenburg, we had to take a hiking trail that took us through the village and up the side of the mountain. Most villages have some sort of a hiking trail. The Germans love to walk! Loosely translated, Burgruine Hardenburg means "Castle Ruins of Hardenburg"

Once we reached the top, this sign told us the castle was built between (Erbaut zwischen) 1206 and 1214. It also told us the hours the castle is open for visitors. It cost €4.80 for all of us to get in.

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