Pronounced "tree-berg"
Our main reason for making this trip was to look at the selection of cuckoo and grandfather clocks. We had heard that the Black Forest of Germany was the place to get authentic German clocks, so off we went. We left a little late that day but we did get there in time to stop at the main store and look around. We talked to the salesman about the options of grandfather clocks and price. After Sandy and I had a good idea of what we were in for, we took the boys and walked around (Erin had stayed home, the party pooper!)

The big clock really works! Rick and Alex check out the river running next to the store

The boys liked "hamming it up" in front of the camera at various places throughout the town

The village is very clean and picturesque. It is visited by tourists from all over because of the clocks and the falls. We didn't have time on our first trip out to Triberg to hike up to the falls but we made sure we had a enough time on our second trip 2 weeks later.